Hi BodyRockers,

Even though I am on vacation as promised I filmed the 12 minute workout that I decided to smash out today. I hope this helps keep you pushing to your maximum & for those of you on vacation too it reminds you that even on holiday you can always squeeze in 12 mins of Body Rocking !

This is a classic BodyRock Workout which I had in my Diary. I hoped for 4 Ninja Tuck’s & was very pleased to get 7 out in 25 seconds ! – Do you have a BodyRock Diary ? How did you do ?

I am basically filming the random workouts I am doing on vacation to show you how it is possible to keep our daily workouts going even while away  … it could be anything so enjoy :).

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A reminder to keep motivating each other, whatever the workout may be, remember it’s there to just help you keep consistent. Body Rocking is not about finding flaws in people, it’s about supporting people and embracing everyone who wants to take part & helping them be the best they can be – remember next time you comment – what you post can change someones whole day & even their progress to date. Words are very powerful & reflect who we are as a person – lead by example.

I liked this as it was really fast and furious and with only 5 seconds rest I felt it pushed me hard!!. This is a bodyweight workout so stay focused and go hard !! With such a short rest you may not have time to write down your scores but give it a go so you can keep track of the progress you have made. Focus on reps, focus on squeezing out as many reps for each exercise as you possibly can in those short intervals.